Let's get real

We believe in real: Real food, real people, and real moments that bring us together to discover something spicy, oddly satisfying and slightly savory.

Real is what we grew up with, but probably not what you associate with Chinese food. We’re here to change that and become something you never knew you needed and now can’t stop thinking about.

We know what you're thinking

Whether we want to admit it or not, the dialogue around Chinese food has been a monologue, which has left many voices out of the conversation.

Our Mission is to give those voices as seat at the table.

We belong there. Because the way we see it, it’s not just about a good dish or even a great dish. It’s about the way thoughtful food powers a meaningful dialogue. That’s our power.

Let's exchange

We all need more reasons to talk.

We put our traditions and our flavors and ourselves out there so we can get others talking, sharing, exchanging.

If you have an amazing meal, lucky us. If we give someone permission to share their story, lucky you.

We’re grateful and you’re welcome.